“A thoughtful young mind with a playful soul trying to build his own empire of words. Another universe where everything is possible as long as you keep an open mind and a decent heart.”

Hello Words..

Yup! this is me, and there shall be lotsa you. We’ve known each other for such a long time, u’ve been running around so wild in my mind, and this time, yes.. it’s time to come out and play! so come on out and let’s see what u’ve got, gimme yer best shot!

U know, I’ve been waiting so long to have this kind of stuff, things that help me explore my sides, which is so many of them, that most of the time can only hang around my head, keeping me busy all the time (I mean ALLTHETIME, doesn’t matter if someone’s noticing or not, it’s there), even in the most quiet moments of my life, can u imagine that?

Well, not anymore..

I’ve found them a place, some space to live on hopefully. A sanctuary where they can run or jump around, be airborne or meditate anyway and anytime they like in order to improve their existence. I’m not keeping them as a ‘domestic pet’, but I’m letting them go as a ‘best friend’.

And as they go around, they’ll come around (in a positive way of course, coz I’ll be filtering them).

So go ahead and evolve..

I’m here, ready and excited..

See u around..

“Welcome everyone, I’ll show you a tiny piece of what it feels like to be me..”

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