A Dream About Friends

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I have been dreaming about my missing friends. Old friends. Very old friends. We were best friends. I have never met anyone that can connect to my thoughts the way we did. We can talk for hours, some were for countless sleepless nights. It was fun, all the time, each time, every time. Then out of the blue, they’re gone. Just like that. For years. Some forever. Some came back but feels like someone else. The first time we met, after years of no news, not a single word. Things were different, never the same anymore. It’s like they were not the same person. The fun vanished. The smile were artificial. It’s like they’ve been trained to do so. Not the smile I used to know. It’s the same smile you get from some random stranger salesperson trying to sell you things. Some were forever gone. I missed them. All. It was like we’ve known each other since we were kids, things were just aligned for us at that time.
And last night that dream happened again. I was picking up my son from his English course. Since we still have time, I asked him if he wanted to take a walk with me to the nearest mosque to have a prayer. My daughter was with us too. It used to be a short distance, but somehow the landscape just seemed to be shifted and we got lost. But we felt okay with it, my kids were having fun all the way and we kept on walking. Until my son suddenly found a boy, playing alone on the street. His name was Joey. Then they played together. It’s fine by me. They were looking okay. I had to chase my daughter, she was going to the sewer. It just might harm her. I stopped her and took her to a safe place to play with me until a door suddenly was opened. It was you! Out of nowhere. My long lost friend. But you didn’t look the same. You gained weight. And felt colder. All I got was a simple small smile. I didn’t expect that. I was ready to run into you and give you a big warm hug!. But I thought, yeah. We’re not kids anymore. We even got kids now. Joey was your son. Suddenly I understand things, I got this information out of thin air that your family was torn apart. I don’t know who put that data in my head. You seemed to be deeply wounded. And shut down. You closed yourself from the world. Even from your best friend. Probably hate everything and dislike everyone. Am I included, my friend? I’m sorry. Meanwhile I am so happy. I am at the top of my game. A gorgeous wife, a handsome son, a cute daughter, a so-called well-paid job and financially paying off my way to prosperity and happiness on installments. What can I do my friend? How can I help? Can’t we just have a very long chit-chat to help you ease your pain? I miss you, you know. I miss those time we had together when the world is just a simple fun playground for us. When things were always fun, no matter how painful they were. Wounds heal. Scars fade. Laughter was all we got. Together. It was fun.
Suddenly the earth shook. I was thrown away, alone to a small village. It felt like a very big leap. Very green and beautiful. Feels like something from the past. Traditional and peaceful. Everything else disappeared. We were sitting on a porch of your wooden traditional house. Exchanging nothing but a shy stare of our reflection from a fish pond in front of us. Your son was riding his bicycle. An old adult bicycle. Perhaps it’s his granddad’s. We were not talking. No one is speaking but I felt your misery. You were in pain. Something you wished to share with a friend. Well, I’m here buddy!. Tell me your stories. I’ll share you my tale. We’ll laugh about it together.

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